New York Times Names New Public Editor

The New York Times has named its third Public Editor, Clark Hoyt, who had an outstanding career at The Knight Ridder newspaper chain. He will serve for two years, as did his predecessors.

The Public Editor is pledged to giving voice to the Times readers. His column appears every other Sunday in the Week in Review section. Mr. Hoyt says he will be driven by “what readers care about and complain about.”

It would be interesting to know how you as professional communicators rate the importance of Public Editors. Thanks for answering these questions:

Does the Public Editor serve a worthwhile role?

Do you read his column in the Sunday Times?

Have you ever e-mailed him a comment or complaint? Why not?

And while we are polling, please answer this question:

If you had a vote, would you favor or oppose Rupert Murdoch’s attempt to take over Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal? Why?

(Posted by Larry Foster)


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