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Calm, Patient and BUSY!

My regrets for this lag in postings – it’s remarkable how busy you can stay keeping up with the activities of 250 or so operating companies. I’m signing on today to provide a link to an interesting Pew Research Center study, highlighted by Byron Reimus, one of the select observers in our field with true kaleidoscopic vision. One thing you’ll learn in this study is that, despite her challenging press and ratings, Katie Couric remains the favored journalist among U.S. citizens. But, related, and more importantly, you’ll learn that, as a breed, journalists are considerably less well-known and less prominent than they were 20 years ago. No surprises here – the Internet, with its long tail, has undermined this centrality.

By the way, if you have any junkie tendencies about the progress (or regress) of the news media business, you may also want to check out, a decade-old center that just last year came under the wing of Pew Research Center.

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