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Career Guidelines Stay the Same for Students and Professionals

I preach basics because I believe so strongly that this is at the core of sound public relations performance.
Because I live some seven months a year in Happy Valley, home of Penn State, I interact with students in the College of Communications. They thirst for guidelines in planning their careers.

It’s interesting that the advice I give them also applies to professionals working their way up the ladder. And to those on the top rung as well.

Become intimately familiar with the company’s (or client’s) business so you can better understand key issues or problems.
(It’s amazing how often this basic is overlooked.)

Earn a reputation for bringing good judgment to the decision making process.
(Good judgment is one of the most illusive of all skills. Think before you jump in with an opinion when big decisions are being made.)

Don’t be afraid to disagree.
(Some of the best PR reputations are built on hearing from “the loyal opposition.”)

Become recognized for your writing talent.
(If you can write an internal memo with clarity and persuasion and a degree of brevity you are headed for distinction. Competing against the lawyers is the most fun of all.)

Now it’s your turn to come up with some basics I’ve missed.

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