The What… and The How

A quick three question quiz:

1) Who was the HP Chairman who resigned her position over the recent HP Board leak investigation scandal?

Right, Patricia Dunn. You probably knew that.

2) Who was the HP Board member who was widely reported to have done the leaking that precipitated the investigation?

Can’t remember? It was George Keyworth.

3) For extra credit, what did he leak?

I’ll bet you’re having a harder time with this one… it’s reported almost nowhere, except that we all know the Board was “pooped” after it concluded discussions about it.

This brief morality tale is provided to illustrate one simple point: from a media and public perspective, the “how” of your actions in any response are likely to be as, if not more, significant than the “what” to which you are feeling compelled to respond.


In another note, rumor has it that Bill is stirring from his slumber and may have his first post for us any day now. He gave an exhilarating address at Notre Dame recently and we’re waiting to hear about it. Keep your RSS readers peeled.

(posted by Ray Jordan)


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One response to “The What… and The How

  1. leslie gaines-ross

    You are very right about the importance of “how” over “what.” Good reminder of how to deal with a crisis. I will remember that.

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