Greetings… and the beginning of our introductions

Greetings and welcome. Please allow me to begin with a few introductions: first, the individual whose comment comprises the title of this blog, Arthur W. Page. Arthur Page was a vice president and director of AT&T in the 1930’s and 40’s, in charge of what we would today call communications and public relations. I won’t replicate here what you can read in the link, but in the course of his writing, Page established a series of public relations heuristics (or “instructions” or “laws”, if you’d like), now generally referred to as the Page Principles.

Want to achieve top- notch public relations or communications performance? It’s relatively straightforward: keep the few Page Principles squarely in mind; then figure out how to implement them rigorously in a multi-faceted commercial, government or non-profit institution employing up to hundreds of thousands of employees serving up to tens of millions of customers or constituents. (I said “straightforward” didn’t I, not necessarily “easy”)

(Posted by Ray Jordan)


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